Welcome to the IVA (International Vending Alliance) the worlds largest network of regional leaders in vending and micromarket operations

Founded in 2002 the IVA has grown to the largest single vending network globally.

The IVA network currently covers over 70 countries and an install base over 1,7 million machines.

The network consists of regional leading companies in vending and micro market services.


IVA works in several domains


  • The IVA combines the purchase volumes for its members and works closely with key-suppliers
  • IVA is the only group that can offer global vending and micro market services to international clients
  • The IVA has recently taken over the innovation role together with its members. Where the industry struggles to bring innovation to market, IVA is now self-sufficient in driving trough these required innovations.
  • IVA is at the verge of introducing loyalty programs and end customer interaction possibilities which will change the face of the vending industry.

Customer, Innovator, Supplier and want to know more, contact the IVA team for more information